Self-adhesive labels on a roll

Self-adhesive labels on a roll


These are primarily applied when there is limited space for label application and there is too much text. In this case we can provide 3x more space for text with the size of one label, because the label can be printed on the back of the adhesive surface and then also on the bottom label (sandwich). Ideally, if for example the plastic container and the contents are transparent, so that the back of the label can be read through the container (back label is not necessary).


These are special labels for small, cylindrical products or test tubes, where there is usually not enough space for text. This multi-use removable strip label is wrapped around the product. Here we will gladly help in the exact implementation because experience and know-how are necessary here. The length of the label is matched exactly to the respective amount of text.


Labels with invisible edges because of the extreme transparency of the label backing material. This is, for example, often used in cosmetics. These labels give the containers the impression as if it were directly printed on. And the shape of the product is more effective. Because these films are also highly adaptable and flexible, they cling very well to contour rich and malleable packaging.


Special labels can also be refined using laminates. A transparent film is applied directly to the backing material. This gives your Tenovis Label an elegant appearance. This also makes colours more effective. The transparent protective layer also protects against external influences and is therefore used everywhere where good resistance to abrasion and mechanical influence is required. Also, against chemical influences such as solvents, acids, alkalis and alcoholic liquids. Depending on the laminate, laminated labels can also be placed in refrigeration systems or applied to warm surfaces.


Foil embossing adds elegance to every label. We offer two types: Hot foil embossing with pressure and heat as well as cold foil embossing. Printed products refined with hot foil are of particularly high value. By applying the foil the print motif acquires a special colour intensity and shine. A variety of motifs such as surfaces, contours and fonts can be presented in detail using the foil. Particular emphasis can be placed on the motif through the selection of the foil. The gold foil is especially popular with our customers.

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