New at Tenovis - We are proud to announce a significant upgrade of our production facilities with the purchase of three top-of-the-line machines


TenovisLabels is proud to announce a significant upgrade of its production capacity with the purchase of three state-of-the-art machines that allow the company not only to increase its production capacity, but also to offer a wide range of new products. This strategic move not only increases our production capacity, but also introduces innovative solutions to the label industry, thanks to the superior technology and capabilities of the three new machines.
Innovations and Upgrades:

The first machine, the BOBST M5, is a flexographic printing machine designed to fully digitize the production process. This advanced system enables production line automation with systems and solutions that reduce downtime and waste, and is configurable with printing cylinders or sleeves. The BOBST M5 offers exceptional productivity with oneECG technology, which ensures consistent repeatability regardless of print run length, while minimizing ink consumption and inventory. With integrated printing and converting technologies, it enables exceptional quality consistency at very low operating costs, supports unlimited substrate types and ensures high machine availability and a very fast time to market.

The second machine, the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press, represents the industry standard for digital label production, enabling almost limitless applications and meeting the needs of the most creative brands. This digital printer provides high productivity that allows printing more parts per day with higher quality. With the industry's most advanced color matching tool - HP Indigo Spot Master - and the ability to print on a wide variety of substrate types, HP Indigo 6K enables a high degree of flexibility and innovation in label design. With digital embellishments, specialty inks and the option of smart packaging with brand protection features, it offers unparalleled opportunities to enhance your label offering.

The latest acquired die-cut machine IRS, is equipped to produce folded labels in various materials such as IML, paper, cardboard, film, etc., from a pre-printed reel. The IRS is also designed to produce small rolls from a pre-printed master roll by cutting self-adhesive materials, foils and paper materials to length. Thanks to the servo drive of the punching station and a special control system, the machine enables the production of punches in the register.

By investing in these advanced technologies, TenovisLabels not only increases its production capacity, but also expresses its commitment to innovation and quality. This step not only strengthens our position in the market, but also expands our business opportunities, while providing our customers with an even greater choice of high-quality labels and packaging solutions.

With the latest machine acquisitions, we are expanding our product range, as we can now also offer IML labels, MultiLayer labels with an innovative opening method, Booklet labels and digital label printing of top quality. This expansion of our offering underlines our commitment to innovation and flexibility in responding to market needs, while providing our customers with access to a wide range of high-quality labeling and packaging solutions.